"As one person I cannot change the world but...
If I can change the world of one person then my job is done"

For the last several years we have been working on a way to communicate with the younger generation about underage drinking and making the right decisions in life. Speaking from experience, we have made many wrong decisions in our lives which led to jails, institutions and near death. Music is and always will be an effective universal communication tool. We have come up with a fun, effective and non-threatening way to reach the younger generation. Underage drinking is a reality and we don't expect to stop it but... we can make a difference.
Through live music and straight talk we send a message to our audiences about our experience of alcohol and drug abuse and where it took us and what it took from us, sending a clear message to the kids. Selfish Steam is the real deal, been there done that and are standing on the other side. We are not anti-alcohol. We are advocates of doing something about it if it becomes a problem. We are not affiliated with any group or organization and do not represent anyone except ourselves. Our music was written from our life experiences and captures our audiences with heartfelt ballads and upbeat Rockin' tunes. Below are just a few comments from some of our audiences.

Comments: "I hope you guys realize how many lives you touch just by being yourself. Through your music, your stories and your own personal styles, people everywhere, young and old alike, are being touched from the message that they are not alone and that there is always hope. Do not underestimate the power of recovery through music and life experience. You guys are the best. Keep sharing keep caring and keep being yourselves!!! :-)

Comments: Hey Selfish Steam! Thanks so much for coming to Rockville High. You guys did an awesome job and we really enjoyed it. I had nothing but positive feedback from staff and students. I think you really made an impact on our school! Thank you for that.
You're welcome back anytime! :)

I'm a soldier who is deployed in Iraq right now. Fighting the war on terrorism. I was wondering how I can get some of your CD?s so I can put your music on my iPOD. Is there a website I can go to, to purchase some? My favorite song is the one that I don?t know the name of but the chorus goes something like, ?Take my hand and walk me through stormy weather?? or something like that. It?s mellow, it?s nice and after every engagement here it seems to pop into my head and I seem to get a sense of relief. One Day at a Time? I?ll be home?.

Comments: hey selfishsteam! thank you so much for coming to Rockville High School and performing for us! sometimes we have seminars that are not very interesting, but you held the attention of our audience for the entire time! we loved it. the fact that you guys came and shared your true-life stories with us helped us to better understand the dangers of drinking and drugs. and your songs are awesome! best of luck to you guys and thanks again!!! -hannah, Rockville Class of 2007

Hey guys, I cant even remember how many times I?ve been to Sober in the Sun, but you?ve made each and every one of them special. Another undeniable proof of Gods beautiful gift of sobriety working this unbelievable magic into us hopeless drunks and creating miracles for all on this path to recovery?God Bless you guys!! John

Comments: You guys did an amazing job today! Thanks so much for your effort to try to get students to not abuse drugs/alcohol. I really liked how you didn't tell us not to use them but rather said your experiences! Teachers and students have been talking about your preformance for the rest of the day!

Comments: Today, you guys came and played at my school (Rockville High School) and it really touched my heart. My father, an alcoholic, refuses any help whatsoever for his disease. So seeing all of you guys on stage today, hearing your stories, it really inspired me. Also, I really enjoyed your music! You've all got some amazing talent! I really hope you guys continue being an idol for kids my age, along with adults who are/were in the same position you guys were in. Keep it up. 

When I travel or go on retreats your music go with me helps me sleep because your music makes me feel at peace?

Performances & Availability

Playing around the New England area, the band is always up for a road trip. The band is available to play treatments centers, schools, festivals, private parties or anywhere we can spread our message